Education / Coaching

  • Mid-Life crisis and seeking some new direction in your life
  • Want a career direction change
  • Lacking self esteem
  • Need some assistance with goal setting?
  • Want to give more to your relationships?


Couples / Families
At Hart-Solutions we pride ourselves on working with couples and families to assist them as they are challenged by changes during their life cycle. A particular interest is to work with clients to ?review? their relationships to try to avoid dysfunction before it arises or at least challenge their differences before they ?hit the wall?
We are committed to work with couples as they:
  • Prepare for their marriage or DeFacto Relationship
  • Prepare for the birth of a new baby
  • Prepare for retirement
Programs are available for use with some couples to assist them to review the strengths and growth / development areas of their relationship using the PrePare/Enrich© questionnaires. These are very useful tools for couples who are planning to marry, especially for couples who have been in a long term relationship with children. They provide an opportunity for the couple to review and discuss a range of issues perhaps not previously considered.


Each of these life stages can provide not only challenges but also opportunities to reflect on one?s own family of origin. For some this will be a source of joy while for others a source of unhappiness. Left unexplored, family of origin difficulties can lead to potential issues in current relationships.
These sessions also provide a safe environment for either partner to raise ?difficult issues?.