Pre Marriage Education



You have made a decision to make a long term commitment with your partner.
As you plan for your Wedding day ? the happiest day of your life ? put your Relationship First. My programs are tailored to each individual couple.
My vision is that one day all couples, when planning their wedding day, will invest in enhancing their relationship.
I use the PrePare Pre-Marriage education program which involves both partners completing a questionnaire followed by discussion.
I see all couples for at least three sessions and further sessions can be arranged if necessary. The first session is used for completing the questionnaires by both partners. The following list includes the relationship aspects covered by the questions.
  •  marriage expectations
  •  sexual relationship
  •  personality issues
  •  children and parenting
  •  communication
  •  family and friends
  •  conflict resolution / fighting fair
  •  spiritual beliefs
  •  financial management
  •  role relationship
  •  leisure activities
  •  couple closeness and flexibility

After the questionnaires are scanned and analysed, we then meet for two further sessions.

The results show strength areas in a relationship such as where both are in agreement as well as any growth and development areas where there is some disagreement or conflict. 
The two discussion sessions are targeted to meet the needs of each individual couple.
By taking the PrePare Program couples are making a solid investment towards their marriage relationship.
I am passionate about working with couples during the exciting time prior to their wedding day.